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Do they have crab legs on their lunch buffet

Snow crab legs on the buffet start at 3:30 pm.You can't beat the price.I have been there several times.

Why was Osaka Jax closed Monday?

No. In Monday is open.

They do have crab leg on friday?

They start bringing out crab legs and sashimi out around 3:30

I just saw one of the pins used to serve food in the men's room under the hand wash. Don't you think that looks bad?

That's right!

How much is it for a adult on the weekdays or weekend ?

lunch 8.99 Dinner 16.99

Price for children at dinner ?

Around $10

Crab legs served during lunch hours?

No only dinner

Is crab legs have to be included in the price. Or separate if not getting crab legs

It's okay but a little bit pricey. The service is good

How much is the crab legs on Friday and Saturday? For buffet

18.99. We were there twice this month. (June)

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